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Loud, chaotic, technical, and unrelentingly heavy, Watford based Nintendocore two-piece JumpMan are an unpredictable and unique band within the hardcore scene. Since forming in 2015, their blend of hardcore punk, tech metal, and 8-bit chiptune, as well as their energetic and intense live performances, has seen the duo play along side Palm Reader, The Hell, and Creature.

Between the bands two demo EPs (2016’s The Enclosed Instruction Book, and 2018’s The Abyss), their sound developed from instrumental metalcore to a more raw and abrasive style of hardcore. They released their debut studio EP “What We Saw Before the Darkness” in April 2020.

The bands lyrics, although abstract, are often anti-war, anti-capitalist, environmentalist, and tackle issues such as mental illness, addiction, war profiteering and toxic masculinity.

“Everyone needs a bit of JumpMan’s raw power in their life. 8/10” - Metal Noise



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