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Existing somewhere between indie, folk, Shoegaze electronic, and post-rock, the Hertfordshire trio Ghosts of Torrez are a unique band within the indie scene.

Originally formed under the name Bong Torrez in 2009 by vocalist/guitarist Robert Miller, and multi-instrumentalist Nick Foster, the band started out with a more traditional folk sound and began gaining attention in the local folk scene. The band would go on to score the animated horror short "The Place", with their song of the same name. 

After a period of inactivity, the band reformed in 2021 with a third member, lead guitarist Eliot Foster, and a new name; Ghosts of Torrez. The release of their latest single "The Return" signaled a change in sound to a more ambient post-rock sound with electronic elements. 


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The Wailing is the third release from Ghosts of Torrez and is currently available on all streaming platforms and a limited number of free Flexi discs.
The Flexi disc is a phonograph record made of a thin, flexible vinyl sheet with a molded-in spiral stylus groove, and is designed to be playable on a normal phonograph turntable.
They were very popular in the '70s/'80s and would generally be given away free in magazines or music papers.

For more information on how to get the best sound when playing the Flexi disc, check out this Youtube video:

If you do not have a vinyl record player then you can either buy one or give it to someone who has. Alternatively, you can put it in a picture frame for an interesting conversation piece when you have friends over.


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