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"Cynical songs with happy endings" - Reading post-hardcore legends Weaponry combine Earth-shattering heavy riffs and throat-shredding vocals with dark and challenging lyrics, all the while managing not to take themselves too seriously.


Consisting of vocalist Al Bristow, guitarist Rivers Ashworth, bassist Jay Rozentals, and drummer Tim Doyle, Weaponry has garnered a reputation for their intense live shows. 

Their upcoming EP "Forever Nothing" was recorded at The Ranch Production House in Southampton by producer Daly George (Creeper, Boston Manor, Milk Teeth).

On the EP's lead single, "My Name Is Glory";

"it’s a cut that gets in your head and stays there, it was one that was sung along to on the way home from the studio when it wasn’t even playing, it’s that kind of track. All of the elements combine to become more than the sum of their parts and that is all any band can ask from their compositions [9/10]" - Metal Noise

"Weaponry continue their early 2000's Post Hardcore assault on the senses with their "My Name is Glory" single." - FTD Music

Forever Nothing will be released on 17/06/22

The singles "My Name Is Glory" and "Take It Or Leave It" are out now

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